Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Taylor has Parotitis.

That's Parot-itis.

No, this does not mean that he's turning into a parrot, or growing feathers for that matter... it means that (once again!) his saliva glands are "clogged" and causing pain in his upper jaw behind his ear.

We've had this twice before... and honestly? It's Taylors FAVORITE sickness to have.

You see... to help cure Parotitis, you get to eat:


Lots of sour candy. You know, to help make your saliva glands produce enough to get the blockage/infection out.

Look at that poor, sad face... having to stay home from school all day eating nothing but sour candy.

And he gets it in his lunch every day for the rest of the week too.

It's a rough life.

Kids... if you're going to get ANYTHING, THIS would be the thing to get! (Everyone at the grocery store thinks he's a spoiled brat because he kept on finding sour candy, asking for it, and me letting him have it. Niiiiiiiice.)


Pamela said...

Poor poor
Sorry about the infection but at least he's happy being

Erin said...

I would HATE having that problem- I can't stand sour candy! Looks like he's lovin it, though!

tren said...

That is definitely a dream illness!

tiburon said...


Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH!! I have that happen to me all the time and I never knew there was a name for it! lol
For those of you who "want" me you don't it hurts.