Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hero Status

Taylor had a school assignment where he was supposed to write about his "hero". He sat down last night to get it done (since it's due today) and was trying to figure out who he should write about.

Brian and I were giving him some suggestions. Since he is not thrilled with having a writing assignment every week, these projects have become quite the challenge. He's burned out on writing, and in an effort to make things a little more fun, Brian started suggesting "strange" people to write about.

Like "John Crapper" who came up with the idea for flushing toilets. I mean, really... aren't we ALL grateful for John Crapper? He could definitely be considered a "hero". We were even saying things like "Even as I write this paper I'm thankful for John Crapper". It was great fun.

Taylor started writing and Brian asked whom he had chosen to give his "hero status" to. Taylor replied that he was writing about "Mom".

My heart burst! How wonderful that I raised my kid well enough to give me such recognition! The sweet, sweet child. At this point I am feeling honored to be his Mother!

A few minutes later as I'm downstairs taking care of some laundry (and folding Taylors neatly in his basket so he doesn't need to do it later,) he comes down and says the following:

"I've decided to do my hero report on Walt Disney. He's easier to find on Google than you."

He walks upstairs, I unfold all his clothes, and this morning I type up his paper on Walt Disney as I watch my Hero status go down the "crapper". (At least I lost out to Walt not John at this point. Got to think positive.)

Who's your hero?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St Patricks Day 2009!


The kids have really taken to this holiday. A few years ago we started making "Leprechaun Traps" to see if we could catch the sneaky little fellers. Yesterday after school they reminded me about St. Patty's Day and asked when they were going to make their leprechaun traps.

Since St. Patrick's Day came early this year, (hey... it did for me okay? We just got BIRTHDAY'S over with... I thought I had more of a break before St. Patty's and our Anniversary...) we had to scramble. And when I say "we", I mean Brian. He figured out boxes to make the traps while I played on the computer.

They set out their traps and this morning caught some lovely green to wear to school and some yummy gold candy that I'm desperately trying to stay away from. The sneaky Leprechauns always hide the traps, so it's a bit of a hunt in the morning to find them.

The kids enjoyed a bit of green egg breakfast. Well, they all did except Reagan who said: "Mom? I need *lellow* eggs, not green eggs. YUCK." She would not eat them.

Our little Leprechauns this year -
All sporting their green and looking forward to more fun tonight!

Grandma and Grandpa are coming over this evening for "Leprechaun Meat". (We call it that now. It's tradition ever since Taylor asked years ago, while we were eating corn beef and cabbage: "Mom, is this REAL Leprechaun meat?")

Yup. Leprechaun meat. Caught our dinner myself in one of the traps. *winks*

Happy St. Patty's Day Everyone! :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

6th and 6th

Stolen from my sister in law Stacie, this is my "6th and 6th" photo. In my photo folders, my 6th folder down is called: Beach. This is the 6th photo in that folder.

My Dad and Taylor on *some* beach in California. What a great photo!!!! Play along and post over here when you post YOUR "6th and 6th"! (No cheating to find your favorite photo!!!!)

Monday, March 09, 2009

The great shoe hunt.

Every day.

Every day we go on "the great shoe hunt" before school for Madison.

These are the shoes we came up with today.

Why is there never a sinkin' match?!?!? And why can't she put her shoes in her own personal shoe bucket after she takes them off every day?

We ended up finding some "hello kitty" shoes for preschool today and I swear I'm going to staple them to her feet!!!

P.S. All these shoes are the same size. However, the two on the end, made by the SAME company? One says it's a size 9, the other size 11. This does not make sense. I can see from brand to brand there being a slight difference in sizes, but for the same BRAND of shoe being so off? What the heck???

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Sisters LOVE to play "Polly Pockets" together the day after birthday parties.

Love these girls!

Too quiet.

I just dropped Madison off at preschool and was sort of complaining to myself how Reagan never takes a nap anymore. It's really sad that she won't nap because I used to get the bulk of my cleaning and computer work done during the time that she was asleep and the other three kids at school.

When we got home I made Reagan some Mac & Cheese and started some work on the computer. It got REALLY quiet. And around here, man... that's TROUBLE. But instead, I walked into the kitchen to find this:

I guess she's decided to take naps again. :)