Thursday, April 24, 2008

Taylor Turns NINE

Okay, so this is way late... but I was hoping to find my camera to take a great picture of my NINE YEAR OLD!!! (Still can't find it!)

Taylor didn't have a party this year. Instead, Brian was able to do a "side job" and earn enough money to buy the kid a Wii.

He was so excited! He wasn't expecting it though, and was a big shocked that he actually got it!

Taylor asked us to take him out to dinner... just him, Mom and Dad. He didn't want to choose where, he just wanted to go somewhere with "atmosphere" and someplace that he could order off the "adult menu". (No kids meals!)

We decided to take him to Tepanyaki. H LOVED watching them make our food right there on the table.

I snatched my mom's camera when we dropped off the other kids, but her battery died! I only was able to snap a few photos.

I can't believe I have a NINE YEAR OLD!!!

He is SUCH an amazing kid... Honest. I couldn't be prouder of him! He is so helpful, so cheerful, and just delightful to be around. He is a fantastic student and loves to learn.

We're SO LUCKY to have him!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Bear for the evening

Each of the kindergarten students get to take home a stuffed "bear" for one night. Then, they are supposed to write what the did with the bear and take it back the next day.

The kids are able to share with the class what "exciting" thing the bear got to do with them.

Brian called "grandpa" and they took Jordan and the bear on the backhoe.

(Pictures bad due to the fact that I can't find the camera anywhere... Brian had to take them with his phone... ugh!)

Jordan had me write this for what he did with the bear:

"I took the bear on the tractor with grandpa. It almost tipped over! It was SUPER FUN!"

Then we sent him with the photos to show the class.

Jordan took great care of the bear all day yesterday. He really didn't let it leave his side. He ate dinner with it, watched tv with it... just took great care. Brian said that as they were driving home from the backhoe Jordan said "Mrs. Lyons said if I take really good care of the bear something special will happen!"

I'm excited to find out when he gets home exactly what that is!!! ;)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The shortest distance between two points...

It's a wonder that the boys make it to the bus on time.

This was their path today, and who knows what it was up the street...

Pick up and throw the Frisbee off the ground, kick the hula-hoop, run toward the slide, pass by the bike left out...

THEN we're on our way to the bus stop!

(Not thrilled that is snowed yet again, but LOVED the little footprints in the snow that show the shortest distance between two points MAY be a straight line... but it's not near as fun as running all over the place.)

"Get Well" poster

We live in an awesome neighborhood. Sometimes I just don't fit in because I'm not NEAR as thoughtful as the the people I live by.

Jordan's friend brought this over yesterday. I thought it was so sweet!

"Jordan - We heard you were doing *twix* and *rolo*-ed off the slide! Sorry we're such *airheads* and didn't get you this sooner. We need you back on the bus cuz we're the *3 musketeers* at our stop! When you are back it will be *PayDay* for us! Hugs and *kisses* - Sam

He's doing much better, and was back on the bus today.

What nice people I'm surrounded by - I'm so lucky!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008


Reagan is making a great transition from "baby" to "2 year old".

Yes, I know she won't be 2 until October, but the last couple of weeks have been filled with temper tantrums and brat attacks.

Yesterday she was MAD and tired. She was hitting and scratching me and so I put her in "baby time out". (Basically I just didn't want to hold her while she was having an attitude.)

She was SCREAMING. (No passing out though!) And it was FUNNY. I caught the tail end of it on video. She's so tired she has to take a break to yawn in the middle.

It would have been nice to get the whole thing to see ALL the drama, but the end of the brat attack is great as well.

She fell asleep about 2 minutes afterward.

In other exciting Reagan news, she stayed with a neighbor of mine while I took Taylor and Jordan to the Dr. on Friday. It was her choice to stay even. I asked her if she wanted to go to the Dr. Her Reply was "NOOOOOO!!!" So I said "you can stay here with Lucy and Madison". She was hesitant, but it was a better option then the dr's! Apparently she did great too! (Church nursery is another story... maybe I need to ask her if she wants to go to the Dr on Sunday's)

Friday, April 11, 2008


Poor Jordan!

He took a nice spill off a slide onto concrete at our place yesterday. Ended up with a concussion!

This is an hour after the accident:

He slept for several hours before he woke up. He was pretty disoriented.

It was at about 8:00 that he started throwing up, and we were out the door to the hospital.

After talking to a nurse, we ended up bringing him home and watching him all night. We would wake him up every two hours to ask him questions, and make sure his condition wasn't worse.

This is what he looked like this afternoon, after another dr. visit:

He's doing a lot better, but he's confused about what day it is.

His head is hurting and he's dizzy, but I can't give him any pain meds that might "mask" the symptoms of the concussion.

Poor little thing!!!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Not much to blog about....

So we'll do a quick update:

Reagan has double ear infections AGAIN... she seems to get ear infections every time she's teething. Thankfully, most of her teeth are in! We shouldn't have to deal with this much longer!

Madison went on her first ever field trip and I think riding on the bus was the best part! I didn't even think about taking the camera with me though, so no photo documentation. She got to take a lunch and everything. She had a BLAST.

Jordan had a field trip today to the Children's Museum. He wishes he could live there.

Taylor is still busy with scouts, piano, and being a Mr. smarty pants at school. He also loves taking "adult food" for lunch to make his classmates jealous. They say things like "awww man! All I got was a pb&j sandwich!!!" as he sits there eating "leftovers" from dinner the night before. I need to find a good Bento box for next year... then we can get REALLY creative with lunches... ;)

I'm just "normal" mom...

Brian's just "normal" dad this week...

And just to clarify... we did NOT go to Arby's for our anniversary. I wanted to take Brian to Park City for the day, but he had too much homework. :( We DID have a great time "around town"... we went shopping at Tai Pan Trading and then over to Gardner Village... Then we ate dinner there at Archibalds. It was nice to just "hang out" together. :)

Back soon when Reagan isn't so time consuming! :)