Friday, March 16, 2007

In need of some diversity.

I realized yesterday that we don't live in a diverse neighborhood. I know this because of a conversation I had with my 5 year old yesterday.

We were out in the front yard - the weather has been so nice, we've taken advantage and pretty much stayed outside the past few days.

An older man comes walking down our street. Jordan yells "hi" to the man. The man obviously doesn't hear Jordan, so doesn't respond.

Jordan asks if I know his name - I tell him I don't. Madison says "he looks like a grandpa, so that's his name". Okay... fine.

Jordan says (as the older man is still walking off) "maybe he doesn't speak our language. Maybe he speaks Spanish. I know how to say 'hi' in Spanish"... HOLA!!!" (in a very loud YELL down the street at said older man....)

Jordan turning back to me when there was no response: "Nope... doesn't speak Spanish either".

Same little boy just asked me today if for St. Patrick's Day we're having "Leprechaun Meat" like we did last year.
My poor kids think we catch leprechauns to EAT them!!!! I've tried to tell Jordan that leprechauns are "little people" that leave and do silly things on St. Patty's day, but he still thinks that come our evening meal of corned beef and cabbage, that we're actually eating leprechauns.

Would someone like to tell me where I've gone wrong???

Monday, March 12, 2007

"While You Were Out", Heidi style!

So what do I do when Brian leaves town for 5 days?

CREATE MORE CHAOS of course!!!

Brian left for a convention in Las Vegas last Wednesday. He was gone over his birthday, so I figured a *nice* birthday present for him would be to SURPRISE him with a remodel of our bedroom!!!

I have NO before pictures which I'm totally sad about. But trust me, the room was UGLY. And the fact that I have no pictures of that room sort of proves it, right? We spent no time in that room because it just wasn't "us".

So, thanks to my sister in law (aka *toot sweets*), we spent 3 days doing a total room makeover.

In the middle of it all, the kitchen sink clogged. I made several really good attempts at fixing the plumbing, but it didn't work out. I was mighty pleased that when Brian got home he couldn't fix it either. I thought for sure he'd just "tweak" a few things and it would work again, but it's more of an *involved* problem, and I'm glad that he's back to take care of it. (Don't get me wrong, I'd like my kitchen sink back... but the fact that it wasn't an easy fix makes me feel better that I couldn't fix it on my own... I'm a stinker that way... *winks*)

"Toot Sweets" and I also decided to install new blinds in my living room window. (I've been wanting them for over a year now. We went by the motto of "it's better better to ask for forgiveness than permission with that one, and while Brian doesn't seem too thrilled about our choice, I'm happy to not be living in a "fish bowl" anymore. Besides... he likes the new curtains we made for that window, so liking *half* of that project is good, right?)


After a day of scraping UGLY wallpaper off the walls, and then long nights and into the wee morning hours scraping that same wallpaper off the floor, we were able to patch holes, paint, buy some new decor and turn my ugly little bedroom into a CUTE little bedroom!

Here are the photos!

The kids and I wrapped the bedroom door with "happy birthday" paper so that Brian had something to "open" for his gift.

This is what you see when you open the door! (okay, our bedroom furniture is HUGE in this tiny room, but there's no way you're getting me back on a queen size bed after moving to my totally comfy king size.... *winks*)

Found some totally cute picture frames that are just packed with photos of our *darling* kiddos.

Put up a new mirror... (thanks to our neighbor for saving me a trip to home depot for drywall screws. I wonder if he's still shocked that I know what drywall screws are, plus the fact that I actually know how to use them.... *giggle*)

Found the "big key" at Home Goods and thought it would look nice in the room. Jordan had the BEST comment about it though... The kids were showing Brian all around the room and Jordan said: "And DAD! This key came all the way from CHINA!!!!" Note to self: Remove the "made in China" stickers from inexpensive merchandise...

Brian was surprised by all the "updating"... I think he might be a little hesitant going out of town again and leaving me behind... He's worried what room I might tackle next.

I'm so TIRED!!! I'm so glad it's DONE!!! And I'm totally thrilled that I was able to do a project and surprise Brian with it!