Wednesday, January 30, 2008

McClinton - that's the ticket...

I've wanted to remain neutral. I've tried to keep my political thoughts OFF of my blog. I've tried! Really!!!

But I've just got to say right now...

MCCAIN?!?!?! John McCain?!?!?!?

What the HECK are these "conservatives" thinking?!?!?

I've got to go poke my eyes out.

Monday, January 28, 2008

What's on your Cranium?

A couple of years ago, we bought the kids "cranium giggle gear" for Christmas. Silly little masks you can change with weird eyes, nose and mouth. It even has a voice changer. The kids love them - although the batteries die way to quickly.

We added the "crazy cap" to our collection this year.

Sometimes Madison doesn't put all the fun eyes and stuff on hers. She puts them on like goggles and pretends that she's swimming.

Reagan would be content to walk around with her alien gear on most all day.

And Taylor? Well, he likes to be the wizard of the family, dressed in the cranium wizard gear.

Do I sound like a commercial?

We LOVE anything Cranium. Game nights are so much fun with the clever games they have.

On another note: I should be getting my new vacuum in the mail tomorrow! The kids are tired of picking up all the little pieces of "stuff" in the carpet! Ours broke SEVERAL WEEKS AGO, and it was a pain staking process trying to decide what new one I wanted. Hooray for Amazon and their cheap prices because I'm getting a vacuum that I can't afford regularly!

I'll be vacuuming like a mad woman tomorrow... and I'm so excited! (Something is so wrong with that statement!)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Never Fear!

We're alive and well... (thanks to the few people that actually read the blog for sending "where the heck are you?!?!?!" emails! I feel so loved!!! ;) )

We had an interesting few weeks of sickness - everyone took turns getting ill. I'm so proud of my family for sharing so nicely!!! *winks*

Just playing "catch up" around the house now, and I'm sure some great stories will be posted here in the near future. I can see you all holding your breath in anticipation!!!

Monday, January 07, 2008

This is how much she likes her new bed:

So. Reagan has never been a good sleeper.

The ONLY time she has slept through the night was when she was like 4 days old. Then, she decided to loose a bunch of weight and I had to start waking her up to feed her every 2 hours. She got into a bad habit... and at now 15 months old, she still wakes up between 4-7 times at night.

I've been getting a little grouchy. I really can't get everything I need done on only 4 scattered hours of sleep at night. So... we decided that the best thing to do would be to get her into her own bed and not so dependant on nursing, and on me.

She does pretty well with Brian in the room with her. (And I'm not complaining about having the king size bed all to myself! ;) ) She's doing better each night.

I've started putting her up in her bed for nap time. She doesn't like waking up with nobody beside her.

In order to get her a bed, we had to switch the boys and girls rooms. The boys have bunk beds, so they would fit in the smaller girl room. Two twin size beds would just not fit in Madison's little room.

The boys are *okay* being in a yellow and purple room. They made me take down the flowers and butterflies, and can live with the purple until our Master Bedroom is complete and we switch rooms around yet again. Madison still thinks it's weird that she's sleeping in "the boys room". She doesn't get that it's HER room now... but I'm not worried about correcting her since she'll be moving rooms yet again when the master is done. ;)

And hey... here's a picture of Madison for you all:

This is what she wears when I vacuum. It's too noisy for her. So instead of tears and hiding in the corner of her room, she opts for the "muffs". Time for a new, quiet vacuum....

Friday, January 04, 2008

Before I forget

Mornings seem to be okay around here despite the fact that Brian leaves at o'dark thirty in the morning. It was really nice back in the day when he was here to help make sure everyone was on task and getting ready for school. I was worried with his new schedule that things would go crazy around here, but we're doing great!

Jordan had a bit of a melt down this morning because I wouldn't let him wear his monkey shirt to school. (We have a family rule that we wear shirts with collars/buttons, not tee-shirts and especially not shirts that are "printed"... we want the kids to look nice for school - look and be respectful. It's been our rule since Taylor was in kindergarten.) Jordan knows the rules, but he is questioning them. Taylor never has - he just follows the rules. Jordan wants to know why it's so bad to wear a monkey shirt to school. I told him if he wore the monkey shirt, he might ACT like a monkey, and we need to have good behavior at school. The tears continued to flow all through breakfast, but we finally compromised and he'll be able to wear the monkey shirt for "field day" at the end of the school year. Hey... if that's as much stress as I'm going to have in the morning though, I'll take it!

Now that the boys were happy and on the way to their bus stop, Madison decided to look at her preschool class photo. She started naming everyone who is "mean" in her class. I told her that they didn't try to be mean, they were just learning.

"Well, they're still mean" says she. "And Jayden calls me a GIRL".
"Well.... you ARE a girl" I say.
"But I'm not ONLY a Girl... I'm MADISON"

You go, Madison. That's the spirit! You're NOT "only a girl"... you have a very strong identity and personality. We know. We live with it every day. And wouldn't have it any other way. :)

Photos later when I actually find the camera!