Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hey! Over HERE!

A blog entry about the boys getting a haircut should be mentioned. It's on the "other" blog, and since I'm stinkin' lazy today, you'll have to just link over there and check it out.

Boys Haircut

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Canvas Bags

Had this fantastic idea to have the kids make their own canvas bags!

The paint was messy, but they are so happy with how their own little bags turned out.

Jordan's has an interesting story behind it.

I asked them all to please use a pencil and DRAW what they wanted to paint, before using the fabric paints.

Jordan was having a hard time with the fabric paint, and he asked me to help. There is a "weird" word in the middle of his bag, and I asked him what it said. (I thought maybe he was trying to write "bag" or something... It looks like "cod" and I couldn't figure it out.

He tells me: "Mom, it says "God". I want it on there so I'll never forget him."

So, in his little scribbles, I painted it in.

Glad they had fun... No more fabric paint for awhile though. ;)

A new, grumpier blog.

Hey! Come check out the "new" blog. Not replacing this one at all, just a place where the grass isn't as green as it is around here.

Not sure how long I'll have bees in my bonnet, so better hurry and check out the action. Get in while the gettin' is good!


The Contestant

Brian has been riding his bike to work for the past several weeks. Since he gets home in the late afternoon, the weather for his ride home is generally HOT. He just has to take a few moments to 'cool down' and become an active member of the family again.

On this particular day, I was outside hanging laundry. So he came out on the hammock to rest a bit. We were casually talking when out walks Madison with a curly hair blond wig on.

Madison whispering on the back porch to me: "Mom! Where's Dad?"

Me: "He's right out here on the hammock!"

Madison holding up a big, red, bozo the clown type wig: "I have this for him to wear. He's going to be my contestant."

Me, smiling and trying not to laugh at the same time: "I'm sure he'd LOVE to wear a big red wig to be your contestant!"

Madison giggles and runs off to the hammock: "Here Dad! You're my contestant!"

I don't really know what she needed a contestant for, but I thought it was so cute! :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

They are my JOY!

Just some favorite photos from the past couple of weeks. Nothing particular, just great memories of "my Joy".

Family Reunion

Late posting this since we've been so busy with Brendan here!

Family Reunion on July 1st, 2008! Brian's Mother's side of the family. (And yes, I said "Mother"... *winks*)

Cailynn and Marv

Reagan takes her ice cream eating seriously. As in, a serious MESS.


Jackson and Taylor


Sisters Reagan and Madison

Grandma and Gramps

Grandpa Art, Jeanna and Andrew


"Best Cousins" Taylor and Brendan walk off with each other


Sweet, toothless Jordan... ;)


We're family, We're family... :)

Reagan strutting like a duck? Imitating a chicken? Who knows...

Cindy and Lance


Hiding in the kitchen

Reagan, Madison and Lauryn
Brendan is king of the... tree stump!

Messy Madison

Playing Ball


Awww, she's just so CUTE!!!
Friendly chit-chat

Giggle Girls

Kristen, Lance and Lauryn

More Fam...

Reagan wasn't messy enough

She had to eat some dirt to end the day :)

So great to see everyone!