Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Too Much Canning.

You know you're canning too much when the 3 year old starts imitating you by canning things for play.

Reagan's Birthday

The "baby" is Three. And it kills me just a little.

Unfortunately, her birthday falls right in the middle of crazy canning season. My big plans for her third birthday fell short and it's one I'm glad she won't really remember.

I made her cake in about 30 minutes. I think it turned out awful. She wanted a "sleeping beauty" cake, and I should have taken the time I did with Madison's to make it look decent.

The morning of her birthday she woke up and told me that she didn't want to be three yet she wanted to stay two. She said that she wanted her party "next week". Should have listened!

By the time party time rolled around, she was fine with being three. She rushed through all of her gifts, not thanking anyone for anything. She love everything though. The day after she played and played with all her new "loot".

Happy Birthday my little Reagan! Thanks for putting up with our crazy family! And thanks for adding a little "attitude" to our family dynamic!!! :)

Friday, October 09, 2009


Reagan turned THREE on Monday and I still haven't pulled my act together to blog about it.

Seriously... sign me up for "parent of the year". I mean... if Obama can win the Peace Prize, be a lame parent to my kids should put me in the running still for parent of the year... right?

Back later to post photos of the little twerp. (Reagan that is...) :)