Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of School 2010

I know that all there are a bunch of "back to school" blogs going on out there... but here's another one. *winks*

Taylor is in the 6th grade. (Every time I say it I want to CRY! I can't believe that this is his final year of Elementary School!!!) He is VERY excited to be on the Safety Patrol this year. His first order of business as Safety Patrol is to "guard" the office. (Not let any kids run in/out before or after school unless they need to be there.) He came home from school today really happy about his teacher. I'm happy too because she seems to actually care about the kids and HOW they learn. I know this because she sent home a letter today asking for the parents opinions on how they learn, what the parents think their children find challenging, what their reading habits are and if they are hands on, better at watching or better at just listening to learn. I think it's a sign of a good teacher... one that realizes that children all learn differently and there is not one set way the class should be taught. Hooray!

Jordan is now in 3rd grade and lucky for us, we have the best teacher in the entire school! (Okay... there are many other "best teachers" in our school, but Mrs. Baese holds a special place in the "best teacher" category. :) ) Jordan had a great summer and is eager to get back into learning mode. He's a great little student if you can keep his attention... (and if you can keep his nose out of a book.)

Madison is in 1st grade and I don't know how that happened. She just CAN'T be old enough to be at school all day long!!! Her teacher is PERFECT for her. Madison loves her already. Her favorite part of today was taking her new lunchbox to school. She says that she's waited FOREVER to FINALLY be able to eat lunch at school.

Had to get a picture of the new backpack for Madison. (And the knee highs are DARLING too!!)

My three school aged children.

Brian was able to take the day off and was sweet enough to walk them up to the bus stop since I needed to be at my crossing. These are some of the photos he took... I was thrilled to see that for another year Nigel (our crazy cat) followed them up to the bus stop. :)

My cute "little" kids walking up to the bus...

And Nigel following right behind...

Waiting for the bus. Reagan needed to be a part of it all too.

The THIRD Graders:

The SIXTH Graders... (and Gracie... in Fifth. Hi Gracie! )

The bus stop crew

The "excited" FIRST GRADERS! (Some of them at least! :) )

We're excited for a fun year!


Catey said...

No back to school post here, I still get till Wednesday dang it! lol

Your kids look adorable, glad it seems like it will be a great year! I'm struggling with the 6th grade thing too, but not as much as with all the other aspects of "growing up" that said child is want to launch into. *sigh* Love that Taylor is all business!

And I do have to add that the sunglasses totally crack me up! Just in case Heather reads this..... :)

The Cundick Family said...

What a cute bus stop bunch!! oh how I miss that bus stop *sniff* I remember crying when they all went to kindergarten and being nervous to send Jackson on the bus! where does the time go... they are in 6th grade now!!! Have a great school year!!