Monday, November 13, 2006

Wallpaper Woes


I decided to stirp my wallpaer off in my kitchen today. Sis in law is coming over tomorrow to help me paint.

I didn't think this would be a big deal. You see... the same wallpaper is up my stairs and in the hall. The stuff pulled off in full sheets today. EASY!!!

The stuff in the kitchen? It appears they didn't paint the drywall before putting the stuff up years and years (and years) ago. The stuff is totally stuck to the drywall. It comes off in little tiny pieces, bringing parts of the drywall with it.

I may be up until o'dark-thirty tonight mudding and sanding the walls for paint tomorrow morning.

And there's no turning back now! I have a house full of people coming over on Sunday for Reagan's baby blessing!!! eeks!

Take a looksie:

Scary, ain't it?
Brian is sooooo not going to be pleased to come home and see this. I feel a big "I told you so" coming on...
Please tell me it'll be worth the stress... a nice "newer" looking kitchen (provided people don't look at the floor...) ;)
I'm still excited. More excited to have it DONE though than actually doing the project!!! :P


frugalmom said...

Any luck? Can you get some of the stuff that is supposed to soften the adhesive so you can scrape it off? you will be so glad when it is done, I bet it will look fantastic!