Saturday, November 11, 2006

Fall Photos of Reagan

We attempted to take some pictueres of Reagan outside yesterday. Since she was born in October, we thought some "fall leaf" pictures would be great. (I still haven't sent out her birth announcement, so I'm looking for a good shot of her to send a picture... She's only 5 weeks old... it's not too late to send announcements, right?!?)

Anyway... it was cold outside so her poor little nose is totally RED in all the photos... but some of them were cute anyway. ;)



Anonymous said...

The pictures are gorgeous! I love the look on her little face.

Heidi said...

Thanks Katie. She always has kind of that angry look... LOL

Lisa said...

It isn't too late to send out announcements! You should send the crying one! That would be funny! But she is just getting cuter by the day!

frugalmom said...

I like the first one of her in the leaves.