Thursday, November 09, 2006

Let's talk about Jordan...

Jordan, Jordan, Jordan... My little accident prone boy. I'm telling ya - if something can go wrong for this kid, it's going to happen. For instance? His teeth. He pretty much has none. This is due to the fact that when he was almost 2 and we were spending some *quality family time* at the State Fair, he fell through a table that was draped with a cloth. He didn't realize it wouldn't hold him. But then, not 5 minutes later, he was looking at the "bee" exhibit which was a bunch of bees in a "window"... he slipped off the step and whacked his chin on the window sill. It busted a few teeth and bled like mad. We ended up having surgery on his mouth to remove these cracked, busted teeth. It was awful. (We won't mention that he's lost several more from caps they put on to prevent further damage... ugh. His teeth didn't take to the treatment, so the teeth they capped have slowely fallen out over the years. The only thing we can do is wait until his permanant teeth grow in.) This kid is going to be a dentists dream... Dr. Johansen will have a new boat in no time.

Anyway, for all the accidents, stubborness, and just his own little personality, HE IS SO DANG SWEET. He really has a tender heart.

I was just feeding Reagan on the couch. Jordan just can't walk by without touching her head/face/something. It doesn't bother me - he loves her like crazy. But what he said was so special. He touched her little face and said "Mom? Reagan is in my heart. Is she in your heart too?"

Yes Jordan... Reagan is in my heart. But my little blue eyed darlin'? You are too.