Tuesday, November 28, 2006

O Christmas Tree

New traditions have started. We've decided that the Monday after Thanksgiving, our little family will have it's own turkey dinner before heading out to find our Christmas tree.

Dinner was yummy. I decided not to go to the effort of making mashed potatoes since as Brian put it: "you can have mashed potatoes any day of the week - I want to fill up on the good stuff". Instead of pumpkin pie, I made pumpkin crunch cake. YUM. And I'll totally admit it... I had Brian pick up some rolls on the way home last night. I just couldn't seem to get Reagan to stay out of my arms long enough to get the ENTIRE meal home-made. ;) But the turkey turned out great, the stuffing was yummy and the cranberry sauce of course was fabulous.

It started snowing pretty hard just as we were leaving. The kids were all bundled up and I was glad the tree lot wasn't far from home.

It's hard to pick out a good tree with snow all over it, but I think we did a good job. Now to get to the craft store and figure out some stuff to put on it! I'm trying really hard to let go of my "perfect tree" mindset and let the kids help make some of the ornaments... I'd like them to be a part of it. Part of me though still wants a "professional" looking tree... not a "kid tree". Oh the inner conflict. ;)

Reagan didn't like picking out the tree... see?

And here's our "naked" tree... just waiting for some nice "fixin's" to go on it.


QueenMeadow said...

The tree is cute and dinner sounds fabulous! I think we'll decorate our fake tree this saturday.

I have no problems letting my kids help make ornaments, anything is better than the ugly hand me downs we have now, hehe.

Lisa said...

That is a great looking tree! How do you keep it alive for so long? I always kill mine before Christmas. I had to go to fake or burn the house down.