Sunday, November 12, 2006

Now we're Cookin'...

Well, more like "Baking" vs "cookin'"...

I searched all over in my photos to find a picture of our "old" oven. You're just going to have to trust me on it's size. It was TINY. We couldn't fit a normal size cookie sheet in the thing. At least not the "normal" way a cookie sheet should fit in the oven. It had to go in and the back of the cookie sheet would touch the back of the oven, and the front of the cookie sheet would hold open the oven door ever so slightly.

So... in our couple of year long quest to find an affordable oven (by affordable I mean cheap...), we came across a DOUBLE oven. The guy selling it wanted a different color appliance for his kitchen. He hardly used the thing, it looks brand new. Plus, it fit the "cheap" criteria.

In order to put the oven in however, we had to rip out the existing cabinet and build a new one. Brian's dad thankfully helped (ALOT... He pretty much did the whole thing) and we put it in yesterday.

We still need to make the doors for the front of cabinet parts, but I still think it looks great.

I really need to choose a color to paint the cabinet. When we paint it, we'll paint the rest of the kitchen cabinets. My kitchen is UGLY. We won't be able to totally re-do it for a few years though. It just needs a little face lift. The biggest facelift would occur if we could re-do the ugly floors. That's just not going to happen.

So what color should I paint my cabinets?

Our counters are a bit "tanish" and the floor is a white and green swirl linolium. (Ugly. have I mentioned that?) Man I'd like to get this project done...