Monday, November 27, 2006


Madison and Reagan in their Thanksgiving Dresses

We had a nice Thanksgiving. Brian's brother and family came from Las Vegas. It was way nice for the cousins to be able to play together. :)

Brian had a scary insulin reaction at dinner. He didn't realize how low he was and was pretty upset at me for trying to "help" him with all the family around. It got to the point though where he was starting convulsions and he was "loosing control" over his body. I asked his mom to grab me some orange juice concentrate because I couldn't get him to use a straw to drink a normal drink. He kept on spitting out the OJ concentrate though, and I finally had to put my hand over his mouth to get him to keep it in. He was a little frustrated that so much attention by his family was drawn to him, but I'd rather have him ALIVE and embarrassed vs. another option... His reactions scare me recently. They haven't been terribly frequent, but they seem to be a bit worse when he does have them. Stupid diabetes.

The kids had fun out on grandpa's backhoe, and it was fun to see all 3 babies together. Kelly and Jeanna's son Andrew was born first, then Reagan about 10 days later, then Eric and Cindy's little boy Lance 12 days after her.

Grandpa with Lance, Andrew and Reagan

Grandpa with Jordan, Jackson and Taylor

Grandpa with Madison and Jackson

Tonight I'm making our little family it's own "thanksgiving" dinner... (we miss having leftovers!!!) and then we're going to go get our Christmas Tree. I'm hoping that will totally motivate me into figuring out Christmas ornaments! I have no idea how to decorate the tree this year.

We're still struggling a bit with Reagan's eating. I feel like all I do all day long is either pump or feed this kid... maybe it's because that IS all I do all day long! Her appointment is on the 5th of December, and we're hoping for good news. I'm just really hoping she's just "small" and we have nothing to worry about. I'm totally worn out though since feedings take so long. In fact, I fell asleep before church yesterday and didn't even hear Brian leave with the kids. I'm so grateful that he didn't wake me up to go though. I needed sleep in a big way. (And a little more sometime this week wouldn't hurt I'm sure... ;) )


QueenMeadow said...

Those dresses are adorable!! And all the cute babies in a row, how fun.

I have two diabetic sisters and have witnessed reactions like that, not fun but better than the consequences.

Katie said...

Can I just say again how much I love Reagan's "looks"!? I guess it's just the way her eyebrows are, but she looks like she's furrowing her eyebrows at everyone :-) And the dresses are adorable.

frugalmom said...

The baby pic is adorable. Post Christmas tree pictures when you are done!