Tuesday, November 14, 2006

It's scary still

The kitchen I mean.

We weren't able to get the wallpaper off last night in time to mud and sand the walls. I've worked on them off and on all day.

Brian came home just a hair early and he's trying to get the last pieces off so he can start mudding.

Lets just not talk about the kitchen right now, okay?

New Subject: I'm a bad mom.

I noticed today as I was downloading some photos that I did NOT take any pictures of Taylor in his Halloween costume. Not one.

I need to call my sis in law and see if she took any at his school parade. You see... SHE went to the school parade and I stayed home. ('nother reason for my bad mom status.)

So...Here's pictures of my other children on Halloween... none of my oldest though. (shame on me.)

Here's Jordan. He's a Tiger. Apparantly, Tiger's are very angry creatures...

Here's Madison. Not much of a costume as the "princess" title seems to be claimed by her on a daily basis. She insisted on "princess hair" whatever that is. So I tried brushing her VERY curly hair out a bit in an attempt to have it look longer.

and finally, Reagan. She was a bit mad. I don't think she likes Halloween. Actually, I don't think she likes much of anything besides nursing....

I best get back to helping with the kitchen. I'm WAY anxious to post the "after" shots... Please oh please let it get done!!!!


Kerry said...

Sounds like a fun project! How are you able to get so much done with a new baby? No fair :-) Can't wait to see the after shots!

Lisa said...

I too am amazed what you are getting done with a new baby! What a crazy time! I hope you were able to get the wallpaper off and get ready to paint.

The kids are cute and don't worry about not having a picture. We all do it! At least it wasn't the middle kid, right?

frugalmom said...

The tiger costume turned out fantastic. You are the best mom ever. Not taking pictures just means you're busy.

Lena said...

So Heidi, you're probably too busy with walls to update! How is it going?


Jordan said...

Cute halloween pics! Did you MAKE the Tiger costume?!? That's awesome!

Heidi said...

Yup Jordan, I made his costume. It's totally amazing what you can make with a pair of black sweats, some cut out contact paper shapes and a can of orange spray paint... LOL :)