Thursday, November 09, 2006

Let the blogging begin...

Hi there!

I figured this would give me something to do while I sit at the 'puter nursing the baby 1 million times a day. (She's terribly addicted to breastmilk...)

Welcome, everyone, to my "Laughin' Place". Granted, it might become more of a "Sobbing Place" every few days, but hey. I'd rather laugh at what's going on in life.

Quick intro so you know who you're dealing with: I'm Heidi, wife to Brian, and Mom to 4 little kiddos. Most of what I write I'm sure will be about the kids, after all I am a stay at home mom, so my life pretty much revolves around them.

DS #1 is 7. His name is Taylor. He's way busy with 2nd grade... loves it. I'm not so thrilled about him telling me that a game of "kissing tag" has started occuring on the school playground however.

DS #2 will be 5 really soon. His name is Jordan. He's our blue eyed, left handed, totally oblivious child. He's in preschool for his own sanity - staying home with mom is just too much for this kid. He needs to be busy every second of every waking moment. But we love him and we'll keep him.

DD #1 is 2.5 yrs old. Her name is Madison and she's "Miss Independent". Curly hair, big attitude and totally a joy. When she talks about her dad, she says "My friend Dad"... Like "My friend Dad will be home soon".

DD #2 is 5 weeks old. We're still totally trying to figure each other out. I think I would have a clearer picture of what she's all about if she'd let me get a moment of sleep, and if I could put her down for more than 1/2 a second. There's LOTS to talk about in regards to her though, so be prepared to hear about Reagan often.

two quick photos of the kids... (I'm a BAD mom... I don't have any of all my kids sitting all together. How sad is that??? Give me another week or two...)

Pictures of Madison and Reagan and then the boys with Reagan. Stop by again!!! :)


Kerry said...

Yeah Heidi! I am glad that you started a blog. It looks great :-)

Heidi said...

Thanks for humoring me and visiting Kerry! LOL You'll probably be the only one that stops by, so don't be a stranger... I might cry if I never get a comment left. ;)

amy ~frog~ said...

Heidi... you have the most adorable kids! wanna trade?
your site looks good...
I wish i could do something like this. like an online journal.
i can't even keep a journal.
i got one when my dad died 3years ago. I'm on page 15. I guess i just will leave this world and be forgotten forever.
but not you! this is great!

Anonymous said...

Kerry? There's another Kerry? Heidi - now I am confused! I think it's just late and I need to go to bed. Your blog looks great and you have adorable kids!
-Kerry - the brenkachika Kerry

Heidi said...

LOL... Yup Kerry... there *is* another Kerry! She's a friend I met online and we've had 2 babies really close together. :) Her last baby was born the day before Reagan was. ;)