Monday, February 11, 2008

I took the easy route.

To avoid the chaos of last years valentines, (if you dare you can look HERE) I totally store bought them this year.

This created 2 totally different outcomes then last years experience.

1) Red glitter will not be hanging around my kitchen, living room and youngest daughters ears for months to come

2) The valentines are actually done EARLY, which in of itself is somewhat of a major shocker

Things that stayed the same are:

1) My kitchen table is a wreck

2) Reagan was into everything the entire time.

All of the little chocolate candy wrappers in the middle of the table are Reagans. She unwrapped and ate as I was busy assisting children in name writing and twist tying.

Maybe she'll sleep in a sound chocolate slumber tonight!!!


Erin said...

I think I'll follow yoru lead and buy Valentines this year. Last year I made 28 huge cupcakes , each individually wrapped..... WAY too much work! I'm all for ease and simplicity this year!

Anonymous said...

I am lazy, I only ever buy valentines from the store. This year they are "Spongebob". We bought "krabby patties" to put with them (gummies). I do however usually bake some goodies for the rest of my extended family....this year they got pre-fab stuff put together...lazy....