Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What a Party!

Turning 4 is a lot of work!

Prepare for picture overload!!!

The kids cupcakes. I wasn't too thrilled with how my marshmallow fondant turned out... it seemed so much better the first time I made it, but I think they still turned out okay.

Madison's cake

Decorations! The ugly pot with pink flowers in the back is actually the "worms and dirt" pudding that we served with the cupcakes. (chocolate pudding, crushed oreo cookies and gummy worms.)

The birthday girl.

Yep! She's FOUR!

Close up of table and darling little bugs.

Reagan sporting her little bug ears.

Jordan "the bee" showing off his bug ears as well.

The kids painting their flower pots. (I co-oped at preschool with Madison in the morning and the teacher was kind enough to lend me the preschool paint smocks! :) )

Lucy the "ladybug" paints her pot with precision.

The "loot".

Bean Bag toss. What fun!

Watching a bit of "Bugs Life".

Time for blowing out the candles!

And opening gifts!

Her friends were all so generous! She got some great stuff!

Josh wanted to wear his bug ears like a mustache.

Eating cupcakes and "worms in dirt". Man, that was a HIT!

mmmmm... yummy.....

It was a great party! And now I need to clean up!!!


Becky, yep said... blogged that up quick!
Now I hope you (by "you" I mean Reagan) sleep well (all the way through) deserve it!

Jenni said...

No wonder you are never have any free time!! Looks like it was worth any mess made. :)

Kerry said...

I love Madison's cake. I think those fondant flowers are ADORABLE!

frugalmom said...

You are such a fun mom! What a great party!

Dancin Queen said...

I think the fondant looks great. I've never made it before, just bought it.