Monday, February 25, 2008

Time Out!

I use time out for the children on occasion. I mean, it's not DAILY or anything... and generally they're gently warned... again and again... ;) But time out for a few minutes seems to do everyone involved a world of good.

Reagan has been a bit "naughty" recently. When she isn't getting her way, she hits my face, pulls my hair, scratches... she's just not really nice. I usually hold her little hands and firmly tell her "no" and put her down on the couch... (away from my face!)

Yesterday she was having one of her "mean moments", so I told her "NO" and said "do you want to go to time out?" She kicked her way down from me and promptly went into the family time out corner. I've never put this child there, but she knew exactly where to go.

The only problem was, it was FUNNY, so I laughed about it. Now she thinks time out is a GREAT place to be and she takes her dolls and horse there for "fun".

Such a stinker.


Lena said...

lol, that is cute.

Jenni said...

Oh man that is great! She has a great pout in the 3rd shot there.