Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Valentine Box

Taylor was "supposed" to take a shoe box in to school on Tuesday to decorate for Valentines day. Am I the only person who doesn't have random shoe boxes hanging around the house? I must be. I have plenty of other junk around here, but no shoe boxes.

Taylors solution to this problem? "Mom, just go buy yourself a new pair of shoes!"


So instead of taking a shoe box to school and decorating it with all his classmates around, we made one here.

And when I say "we", I don't mean Taylor.

Brian did the basic construction, I did the painting. When I was ready to add it's "nifty extra features", Taylor protested saying "It's VALENTINES DAY!!! It needs HEARTS on it!"


So, realism is out the window at this point, but his Valentine box turned out cute just the same.

It's like it's saying: "Hello. I'm a mailbox. Please feed me all of Taylor's sweet Valentines".

"I've opened WIDE... go ahead. Put some yummy treats in."

"Do I look FAT from this side?"

"Those kids at school are going to destroy me, I can feel it."

"Happy Valentines Day.... *burp*"


Anonymous said...

Once again you shame me with your crafty skills. That is a darling valentine mailbox! Lucky kid.

Erin Evans Taylor said...

That turned out way cute! Of course, you know when he gets to school he will feel bad because he doesn't have a regular old shoe box! I do cool stuff for Eason and he says, "Why couldn't you just do what the other moms do?" I'm sure someday he'll get how awesome I really am!