Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines Day!

Yippee, hooray it's Valentines Day! Now go hug someone and lets be done with it.

I'm not trying to be "Valentine Scrooge" or anything.
But I think Valentines Day is just another holiday to stress me out.

The kids wanted to MAKE all of their valentines for kids at school, they didn't want me to buy the cheap $1.00 for 36 valentines at the store. I spent more than $1 I assure you. I have $5.00 worth of glitter all over my house and the pictures to prove it.

So, *kiss kiss* everyone - lets move on. I've got glitter galore to clean up.
P.S. Did you notice all the glitter in Reagans hair??? I think you can click to enlarge... that stuff is horrid. And please take a looksie at all the GLUE dripping off of Madison's valentines. Aren't you all glad I'm not mailing any of these???


frugalmom said...

Heidi, you are a good mom. Though he protested, I still made my son use the store-bought valentines.

Heidi said...


Now why didn't *I* think of that? Next years are sooooo store bought...

I'm still picking glitter out of Reagan's ears today. :P

QueenMeadow said...

You are such a great mom. I did nothing this year, nothing. And I'm dealing with the consequences, blah.

Reagan looks good in glitter ;)

Amanda: The Lucky Wife & Mom said...

What an ambitious mommy you are! No homemade valentines here. Tait picked out Cars valentines, we helped him practice writing his name on them and then taped 7/$100 AirHead candies on them. Lucky for me, he thought that was wonderful!