Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Jordan celebrates 100 days of Kindergarten!

The kids were all asked to make a poster with 100 things on it for the 100 days of kindergarten celebration.

Jordan and I looked around for something "creative"... we wanted something that nobody else was doing.

Not only did they need to have 100 items on the poster, they needed to be grouped by 10's.

We found a bunch of different plastic eggs, and 10 cute little chicks. We decided to do each size/color in a group, and at the very end have the 10 little chicks like they had "hatched".

Once we were able to sit down and start last night, we discovered that one of the little chicks had gone missing! And with no spare chicks laying around, I needed to come up with a quick fix!

So, Jordan told his teacher today that he had 10 chicks, but one of them ran away only leaving a feather. (The last yellow feather I had in my box too! *phew*!!)


Anonymous said...

That was a great idea! We just did ceral...lol
I love the feather.
Congrats to Jordan on his 100th day.