Friday, February 22, 2008

Ode to the Mighty Electrolux

Oh vacuum divine
oh vacuum delight..
you're ever so handy, ever so light.

From vacuum frustration
you rose to the occasion!

The devil of dirt is no more.

- end -

I did so much research on this new vacuum. When you spend a bit of money on a cleaning appliance, you want it to do the job RIGHT. Especially when your husband says something to the effect of: "Now... you be CAREFUL with this vacuum because I'm NOT buying another one!"

So I've been a bit timid with the new electrolux, knowing how *sensitive* and *fragile* the awful dirt devil was previously.

This evening while vacuuming the TV room, it's powerful suction grabbed hold of Madison's princess chair skirt. In a panic, I switched off the machine and pulled all the bits o' fabric out.

When switching the machine back on however, the suction was there, but the power to the roller was not.

I thought it was ruined.

Brian got the screwdriver and took the thing apart. It still wouldn't work.

A good 10 minutes later, and while on the phone finding out how late the electrolux repair shop is open, Brian found a part of the instruction manual that talks about the "reset button" for instances just like this.

Praise be the reset button! The vacuum is so smart it shuts off on it's own so not to ruin the vacuum belt. HOORAY!

The vacuum works just fine, and I shall most likely sing the praises of the Mighty Electrolux from this point forward!


Becky, yep said...

If it had been Dave taking it apart it would have sucked in half his tools, been cursed at a dozen times, been put back together with 4 or 5 "extra parts" and then sent to vacuum heaven!

So glad yours is running just fine!

Erin Evans Taylor said...

I am sufficiently jealous! That will be my next vacuum. (after I get a dishwasher!)
Congratulations on your new addition! I hope it sucks!

LISA said...

Awww new vacuum's! how is it on the stairs? Congrats on the newest addition to the family.

Brightonwoman said...

I WANT a good vacuum. we have the old one DH got in 1998...I'm sure it was ok then, but it's not much now! It's just a cheap hoover...I SO want a newfangled fancy thing, but I have no idea which one to get. I'll have to remember that electrolux is good! How does the cost compare to other top-line ones?

Jenni said...

LOL I love your poetec post. I agree a good vacuum is worth the prose.