Saturday, October 18, 2008

Life is just a bowl of.... cereal?

Reagan is funny.

She's ultra smart (not just sayin' that... she's *almost* potty trained - all on her own, she knows all her colors, can identify her shapes, can count to 10 even though she sometimes skips the number five, she uses big words like *annoying* AND it is no longer proper to term all sea creatures as "fish"... there are whales and dolphins and sharks... they're not FISH...)

So it should come as no shock to me that she's learned to open the dishwasher door so she can retrieve items she "needs".

The other day she grabbed 5 bowls from the dishwasher. I asked what she wanted them for and she looked at me like: "DUH!"

I went about my business because we never question her intentions and came in the other room to find THIS:

She was sorting cereal for all members of the family. (Not Brian because he is at work...) She's even given Taylor the largest ration in the blue bowl... she grabs a handful and carefully places it in each bowl, saying the name of who the lucky recipient is.

Do they have preschool for 2 year olds? I fear I'm going to be WAY too boring for her really quick... *winks*

Hey... at least she was SHARING her fruit loops!!! (Who got them out of the cupboard for her I wonder???)


QueenMeadow said...

Maybe that's why she hardly slept the first year, too busy growing that brain of hers ;).

Becky, yep said...

Smart and Thoughtful...I've got two sons to arrange marriages for...Hmmm?

and yes, our co-op has a two's program! ;)

Emily said...

How nice! I would LOVE my kids to pour my cereal for me in the morning for a change.

LISA said...

That's so cute!

btw- you've been tagged! go to my blog to find out more...

Tiburon said...

Oh that is a RIOT! Looks like something my Lulu would do.

Kerry said...

Wow! Reagan is smart. Nora can't do any of those things ;-)