Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween Costumes are COMPLETE!

Thank HEAVEN! I think I can put my sewing machine away (for a day or two anyway... *winks*)

This by far was the LEAST expensive Halloween! All my fabric, with the exception of Taylor's, was in the basement. Having to purchase Taylors *wolf* fabric, and then baskets to go with the girls costume brings our grand total for Halloween to: $8.58


Taylor is going as the WOLF from Little Red Riding Hood. There was no wolf pattern. His is completely original (and you'll be able to tell that... LOL) but I enjoyed the challenge and think it turned out just fine!

Jordan will be going as the Spider from "Little Miss Muffett". I was fortunate enough to have my good friend and neighbor hand me their spider outfit from years past. (Maybe I have a little guilt still not making his, but it was nice to have one costume totally taken care of.)

Reagan will be "Little Miss Muffett". It was a good excuse to make her a new church dress. The pattern was totally modified - the pinafore done freehand. Had to make two of the little hats because the first one was way too small. I love the bloomers and must tell you they look better ON then hanging there. :)

Madison is "Little Red Riding Hood". I couldn't have asked for an easier costume to make! I'm sure there was a better way to make her cape, but it turned out fine. I didn't make her shirt (thought about it... then decided... nah!) but it looked dumb sitting there with just the cape and skirt. Thought the little apples on the skirt fabric were appropriate and "riding hood-ish". Love her basket to go with it!

I'm glad to have it over! Can't wait to take pictures of them IN their costumes tonight when we attend the Ward Halloween Party!

P.S. Someone PLEASE clean the mirror in these photos! Good grief I didn't realize how dirty it was until the photos came through! ICK!!!


Char said...

SO cute! Can't wait to see your kids in them!

QueenMeadow said...

You are so talented, great job!!

AFarCryFromNormal said...

You are awesome! I should HIRE you to make our Halloween costumes for NEXT year. You were saying you needed some extra $$. You could ALWAYS do people's sewing. Actually, I have a church friend/neighbor that is teaching sewing classes out of her home. You are really good at it and I bet you could find ALOT of homeschooling kids that would take classes or mom's that want to learn. I can do basic things but I am paying my friend to teach me to do some more things. I would LOVE to make our Halloween costumes and LOTS of other things too. Sometimes it is more expensive to sew some things but mostly cheaper! WAY TO GO!! CUTE!!

AFarCryFromNormal said...

and for under $9. I don't even want to tell you what we paid for costumes just bought from the store. YIKES! I have to realize there is a time and season too though. I am still unpacking boxes, taking care of a 4 month old, taking care of the other 3 kidlets, TRYING to keep the house straight, TRYING to cook more and better foods, fulfilling my calling,watching all the kids while my dh is gone on Sunday being a good High Counselor. Phew just looking at that list should make me feel good. We do alot as mothers and there is so much more to that list. Father's are awesome too because sure they get to leave the home but their job isn't always easy too. Ok sorry this became a ramble. Hope you enjoy!

Again YOU ROCK!!

Emily said...

You amaze me. Seriously! Good work!

Marly said...

ok, I think you need to teach me how to sew better. I really need to get on this whole Halloween sewing.

Tiburon said...

You are AMAZING! Those costumes are FAB!