Friday, September 05, 2008

Photos of the Number 2 kid

I'm not sure I've mentioned it here before, but we have very few baby photos of our second child.

Honestly? It's one of my biggest regrets in life! I don't want him thinking that we just didn't like him as much as the "first" kid... after all, Taylor was our FIRST and we have photos of every drool that kid had, I swear.

Jordan was born in December. We were POOR. Not just because of Christmas, but "just because". Since this was PRE-Digital days, we just couldn't go and buy film for the blasted camera.

As he's gotten older, I totally MISS seeing his BIG baby blue eyes. Sure, he's still got them, but I just want to see my "baby" Jordan.

Imagine my joy when I found these lost photos of my little guy recently! I didn't know we had any photos of his baby blessing!!!

I just hope that he doesn't measure our love for him by the amount of photos we have, but by the fun we have together! Love you little Jordy!

ETA: Just a funny side note... the date stamp on those photos are totally WRONG! Jordan was born in December of 2001... We did not wait to have his blessing almost a year later!


Lena said...

Those are great pictures! It's my fault we don't have many baby pics of our second baby because I messed our computer up and they were all wiped out! That was just after we got our first digital camera so I had a ton but they hadn't been backed up or printed yet. It still makes me ill when I think about it. I have a handful but I know what you mean- it would be so nice to see so many more.

Kerry said...

What a nice surprise. You all look so young in that family picture!

I am so worried about losing my photos, since they are all digital now. I have them saved on my hard drive, then burned to DVD, and backed up on a portable hard drive. I think I should be covered ;-)

Aaron said...

Brian looks 12 in those photos.....well, maybe 16 but holy moly!

I am crushed that I am not listed on your blog.

I hate you.

Erin Taylor said...

As a second child, I know what it is to be forgotten. *sniff* The first child always gets more pictures. I had to force my way into picture moments just so I wouldn't be forgotten. My grandpa always called me "The one with the short name..." enough said.

Tiburon said...

Awww what a cutie patootie!