Thursday, September 11, 2008

Madison's First Day of Preschool!

The day Madison has been waiting for! PRESCHOOL!

When I registered her for this year, back the first week of MARCH (!!!), we could not get into the school of our choice. I was told to just register for a different school, that the chances of getting into the one we wanted were 99.9%. "Someone ALWAYS drops out of school... you're first on the list - no worries"!


I've called for WEEKS before school started, and NOBODY has dropped out of the class we wanted.

I was hopeful that after the first day or two of school SOMEONE would not pay and they'd be dropped... Madison could sneak right in! But when I called the other day, they told me "EVERYONE for that school has paid ON TIME!"


We've done preschool now for a few days, and with the chances of her getting into our school being SLIM, I'm just going to keep her at her current one. The teachers are REALLY awesome, and they've eased my concerns of having it be a 3 yr and 4 yr split class. I'm happy there, I just don't like the drive... but we'll make the sacrifice for good teachers and a fantastic school! :)

First Day!

So Excited!

"Are we there yet?!?!??!!"

At School

Getting familiar with the room...

A DOLLHOUSE. We won't get her to leave.

Making her place mat.

Concentrating on it...

Finished! A picture of Madison and Mom! (awwwww!!!! :sniff:)

What's better than Play dough?

We're excited for the year! 4 days a week she's gone! Reagan has fallen asleep in the car on the way home every day and has given me like 2-3 hours of NO KIDS! It's CRAZY! I don't think I like it! I had to turn the TV on for some NOISE!!!

Now Madison is looking forward to DANCE... Dang this girl wants to be busy.... ;)


Emily said...

She does look excited! Good for her! It is so hard watching them grow up so quickly. Brynn can't wait for pre-school NEXT year. She's already counting down.

Lena said...

Oh man, that sounds really good this week! She is so adorable.