Tuesday, September 16, 2008



2 boys off to the bus stop on time.

1 little neighbor boy babysat

2 little girls put nicely in front of the tv for the tv to babysit them (Be nice! Stay quiet!!! PLEASE!!!)

1 busy mom in the kitchen putting up....
21 quarts of apple pie filling AND...
6 pints of apple sauce

In between it all, successfully getting:

1 preschooler off to her NEW, closer to home preschool (hooray!)

4 loads of laundry, washed, not folded, not put away

2 dishwasher loads of icky sticky mess

137 phone calls, give or take

2 boys homework finished, spelling and reading included

1 boy to soccer practice

1 boy off to scouts

1 hubby off to night school

1 mommy off to her Mom's to mooch more produce and steal a few eggs since we sold all of ours...

1 peaceful trip to the grocery store with no kids thanks to mommy's mom...

1 hubby back home from night school early... because he didn't wait for the bus and RODE HIS BIKE all the way home from the University of Utah.

1 wife finally calmed down after hearing about above mentioned bike ride. (In the dark. On busy roads. Dumb, dumb, scare the tar out of his wife sort of fellow....)

4 kids up in bed

3 of them probably asleep

1 you better believe is awake

1 daddy asleep next to awake baby

1 more entry posted today for the blog

1 more than exhausted mommy saving all the "reads" in her reader for tomorrow

Night all! :)


Jeanna said...

Boy you've been busy! Glad to hear Madison got into the closer preschool. Hope she likes it. I'd like some apple pie please. Just send it over with Brian next time he stops by.

Emily said...

You are AMAZING! All you women out there that do any kind of canning, baking, cooking, sewing, or anything of that matter AMAZE me!

Aaron said...

Awesome.....don't you love those days when you look back and say...."DANG!, I got a lot done today!"

Jeanette said...

Um and all that was done before the posted time of what, like 7:50 pm! You are freakin amazing Heidi! I am glad we found eachother via the www. Happy stalking!!!

Heather said...

You amaze me!!!!
I am glad I could get on your blog aagin!