Thursday, September 11, 2008

We Will Remember...

I think our Country has forgotten.

I KNOW because a large portion of this Nation wants to stop fighting a war - A war against terror.

Do they remember what terrorists can do?

Do they remember the empty, hollow feeling and utter panic everyone in this Nation felt as another plane was flown into another building?

I will not forget.

We need to stay strong as a Country and continue to fight for our freedom AND the freedom of others! We have a job to do and by dang we better stay until it's done!

I remember that day 7 years ago.

I watched the TV all day long as my young son played with dinosaurs and asked to watch "Blues Clues". I watched and held my pregnant belly, wondering what this world now had in store for my children.

We as a nation CHANGED. And dare I say, THAT is the kind of *change* we need for our Country... not this "other" type of "change" that some would have us believing in. For months we changed. We were all kinder to each other, we grieved with each other, we LOVED each other. We said over and over that we would "never forget".

And then, we did.

Lets remember again.

There IS hope for America and it doesn't come from one man. Our Country's hope is in us all - and only TOGETHER can we change.

God Bless this great Nation!


Becky, yep said...

What a great post!
Two things
1- everyone reading this, fly your flag today!!!
2-Dave has to fly home today and he said he feels the angels of those lost in the air today!

Erin Taylor said...

Wow. That was powerful. Thanks for the wake up call!

Debbie said...

My stomach hurt just seeing the pictures again. Thanks, Heidi.

Kerry said...

Awesome Heidi!

Aaron said...

Amen sister!

It hurts to see those pics again.....its a good hurt. We need to remind each other over and over.

Never forget.