Monday, September 29, 2008

No Time!

It's been BUSY around here. B.U.S.Y. !!!

10 more quarts of spaghetti sauce
16 more pints of applesauce
korker bows made for last Thursday's boutique
crazy, busy schedule to keep up with
a potty training *almost* 2 year old. (Why did she choose NOW to want to potty??? That girl has a mind of her own...!!!)

The house has never looked worse and it's Reagan's Birthday on Sunday. I haven't even invited anyone over yet, no party is planned (yet), and I'm wondering how I'll get it all done!

Hey... I thrive under pressure, right???

See you in NO TIME!


Anonymous said...

Wow- all that spaghetti and apple sauce? Post pics! I wanna see! Lol. I tend to do better under pressure, too.

Becky, yep said...

So, since our conversation...I have come up with my plan. When I'm 58 (cuz life's gotta slow down by then!) I'm gonna buy a two bedroom condo on Cannon Beach, OR and close my door to the rest of the world!!!!