Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Crazy Tuesday

Taylor pays attention.

And when we were at my parents last night picking some lovely cherry tomatoes:

He informed grandma that "Tuesday's are Mom's CRAZY Day".

Hey... at least he's picked up on it!

Tuesday's ARE a bit crazy around here. And I'll spare you all the details.

Today's Tuesday is more of the same, plus a little extra. My parents gave me a box of these lovelies:

And these:Now I need to find something to do with them in between all my other "crazy".

Apple or Peach pie anyone???


Aaron said...

I want some of the peaches and apples....I LIKE PIE!!!!

Jenni said...

If you are offering pie, how can I say no!?

Emily said...

You do have crazy Tuesdays! Or you are just plain crazy! (or... maybe I am pain lazy!)