Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The "junk" tree

Oh man... I HATE the tree in our backyard.

It's a JUNK tree.

And I'm allergic to it.

And it "drops" pollen like 4 times a year.

It makes a horrible mess of our little pool, covers the ground with horrid leaves, and it shaded the backyard so much that almost all of my grass is DEAD.

Also, it's root system has emerged, thus making our once flat lawn sprawling with "hills and valleys".

OHHHHH I just can't stand that tree!

But there is hope! Brian spent about 30 minutes last night having a talk with the tree.

How do you talk to a tree you ask?

Well, our tree responds very well to a chain saw!

Hooray for power tools!!!! Hooray for bulk garbage day! Hooray! Hooray!

(And Hooray for a hubby that's going to finish cutting the tree down??? Pretty please???)


Anonymous said...

Holy big house! Lol on your tree- is he going to dig all the "hills and valleys" out of the lawn next? Way to go for honey-do lists! ;)

Lena said...

Can he come take care of MY tree next? We have two oaks in our backyard that make it unlivable! Shade looked great when we got the house but I hate that no grass will grow back there and bugs just LOVE trees. Ugh. Yay Brian!

Aaron said...

Funny....I wonder if that kind of a "talk" works with teenagers?

Bethany said...

LOL! Looks like a pretty one sided conversation!