Thursday, September 18, 2008

On the Side

Shhhhhh.... whisper. If this information is overheard, a disaster might happen.

You see... Reagan has slept ALL NIGHT in her OWN BED for the past three nights now. This is HUGE. She's slept in there, alone, a total of like... oh... twice before this? And now 3 nights in a row?!?! (ohhhh... I must stop shouting... My excitement gets away from me...)

So at about 11:00 PM, Miss Madison comes walking into our room.

Madison: "Mom, I LIKE sleeping on the side of my bed."

Me: "What?!"

Madison: "I just like sleeping on the SIDE of my bed."

Me: ???!?? huh????

Brian: "I told Madison to scoot over to the middle of her bed so she doesn't fall off"

Madison: "And I just don't like sleeping in the middle of my bed I like to sleep on the sides."

Me: "Okay... go back to bed and sleep on the side"

Madison: "And my bed is really really un-comfy."

Half and hour later we hear the pitter patter of little feet.

Me: "Madison, what are you doing up?"

Madison: "Can I just sleep with you?"

Brian: Moan, groan, ugh!!!

Me: "Yep, go get your pillow"

I realize that we just got the "baby" out of our bed - but how can you say no?

Oh, and she slept comfortably, all night in the middle. I guess the middle is fine in mom and dad's bed, but the sides are better on her uncomfortable one. And hey... lets look on the bright side here: At least it was just ONE kid in bed with us... if it were to have happened last week, there would have been TWO in there!


Emily said...

Too funny! That is our typical routine with Brynn at least twice a week! We shower her with praise and fruit snacks (or whatever the heck she wants) the nights that she stays in her "un-comfy" bed!

Lena said...

Ah, well- maybe you'll miss it one day. I sure don't yet!

Erin Taylor said...

We used to try to bribe Eason to sleep with us! I know, but I would hear about everyone else's kids crawling into bed with them, and it sounded fun. However, he did it once, grudgingly, and has never done it since. That's ok- the one time with a night of feet in the face, & kicks in the side cured me of the desire!