Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I just never want to forget.

I have this blog... I won't forget the stories as long as I can come back and read them.

What I don't want to forget is the FEELING I had when this boy:

Was at the Chiropractor today and pulled this slip of paper out of his pocket:

And he tells the chiro: I'm in FIRST GRADE now and I get to eat lunch at school. Mom put this note in my lunch to make me smile.

He put it in his pocket for the rest of the day.

He knows I love him, but I don't think he knows how much a silly wrinkled note in his pocket made me feel this afternoon.

Please... don't let me forget this "feeling". I want to know it for the rest of my life. I've never been so happy!


Erin Taylor said...

Oh my goodness! I got teary-eyed reading this! What a sweetheart!

tren said...

How sweet! I have a first grader, too. I like to draw a heart in her peanut butter or a smile with her mustard before I put the second piece of bread on her sandwich. She can't see it when she eats it, but she knows it's there.

Emily said...

How sweet is that!? I have always done the note thing since April started school. She collects them all in a baggie and has a ton by the end of the year! So sweet that the notes mean so much to them!