Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of School!!!

I'm already counting down until my boys get home!!!

They were so excited to go to school this morning. Jordan had a hard time waking up, but that's nothing unusual... ;)

I'm totally excited about their LUNCHES this year! Last year, we packed very "different" lunches for Taylor. (Not your typical sandwich, chips and a drink...) He liked more "leftovers" than anything. Since Jordan isn't much of a sandwich person either, I decided to SPLURGE on Laptop Lunch Boxes for them. (Thank HEAVEN for e-bay where I was able to find two for a lot less money!) I'm really excited to pack their lunches... with stuff I know they'll eat! Taylor has requested ham fried rice this week, and Jordan wants Chicken Pot Pie. With these boxes, it'll be EASY to pack! And I know they'll love it!

This mornings lunches:

Ham and Swiss roll-ups on whole wheat tortillas. This has an Italian cream cheese spread that Taylor declared "oh so good"... Carrot sticks, ranch to dip, apples, Pringles, and for "dessert", some graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows to make "smores". (Chocolate milk to drink not pictured...)

Love it!

Took some photos of them before leaving. I can't believe Jordan is gone ALL DAY in first grade. It's terribly odd to just have the girls at home with me. Reagan keeps asking "where's Taylor? where's Jordan?" At least I'm not the only one having a hard time... ;)

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Can't wait until they're home!!! Happy first day of school, boys!!!


Char said...

Those lunch boxes look SO fun!

Tiburon said...

Holy cow! You are a waaaay better mom than me. I need to get those lunch boxes! What store did you get them at?

Catey said...

Wow! Do NOT let my kids see this! lol We made it all the way to Malia's 4th day of school w/out hearing "there's nothing good to take for lunch!" Seriously. argh!

You are my hero!! :)