Monday, August 18, 2008

Horses. Gotta love horses.

Reagan has a new "thing" with Horses. She LOVES them.

I took her to the store to buy a "dolly" for becoming a "big girl" and not nursing anymore. She was more interested in the doll bottles than the dolls, which is interesting to me since she's never had a bottle... but whatever.

She "settled" on some ugly doll, and we were off down another isle. She throws her doll over the side of the cart and starts screaming "HORSEY!!!!". So, instead of a "doll" for her "no more nursie" present, we ended up with a horse. A horse that has a baby "juice" bottle. (I say she's feeding the horse carrot juice...) We were NOT getting out of the store without those baby bottles and the horse.

Fast forward to Sunday.

Reagan was pretty "active" during Sacrament Meeting. It was pretty difficult finding things for her to do. When the family in front of us left to take their two kids out, Reagan spotted a plastic horse on their bench.

Brian is no dummy, and in order to keep the peace, he snatched the horse up and handed it to her.

She plays cute with it for a few minutes, and we enjoy a bit of quiet. (From our bench at least... ;) )

Then... it happens. She flips the horse upside down and we soon discover that this horse is fairly "accurate" when it comes to horse anatomy.

Reagan scrunches up her little nose, and starts saying "ewwww.... Horsey BUM... Horsey poopie... ewwww... Horsey BUM!" Over and over and over again. Brian and I could NOT stop laughing. And since we were laughing at her she said it MORE. "Horsey poopie butt!! EWWWW!!!"

We were grateful the family in front of us came back so we could throw the horse back over to them.

Note to self: Check anatomy of all toys going into Reagan's possession to avoid embarrassment.


QueenMeadow said...

Ha, that's hilarious! Horsey bum, hahahahaha.

Lena said...

lol!!! That is too funny! Eric found out his plastic toy bull is fairly accurate. Maybe the zoo isn't the best place to buy animals.

Emily said...

I'll have to remember that! Brynn is into dinosaurs and I haven't checked their anatomy lately! So funny!

Aaron said...


Last Sunday must have been one for the kids. Right in the middle of the speakers talk, Dallin blurts out (at the top of his lungs mind you) the theme from Indiana Jones!

I was like What...the....


He looked all ticked that I shot him down in the middle of his credenza!

Brandi said...

ROFL That's great! What a story to tell her when she gets older. hehe