Tuesday, January 30, 2007

"Spice" it up. (Lame title, great results)

My efforts for organization are slowly being noticed. I was sick and tired of my kitchen cabinets yesterday, so I took everything out and started over.

A couple of weeks ago, Brian and I went through our MANY cookbooks, and decided to put the ones we use a lot back up on the shelf. All the others went into a storage container and are downstairs in the basement. It's nice to have a little bit more shelf space when the entire top row of my cabinets used to hold books!!!

I didn't spend any more money on baskets or Lazy Susan's for the cabinets. It was all stuff I already had around the house. I purchased the white baskets thinking I'd use them for sewing stuff, but since working on the sewing room, I need something a bit different. So, I moved them all up the the kitchen.

Every thing's labeled and in order. I'm way happy with it. I didn't, however, alphabetize my spices because there is NO WAY I could keep them that way.

I've got SO much more to do around the house in the way of organizing, but progress is being made, so I have to be happy about that. ;)

The kids are well... they have dentist appointments today.

Taylor's spelling words are getting harder. He has words like Orchestra to learn. He craves it though, and loves learning. I think he's read 6 or 7 books this month.

Jordan is "changing" and is starting to be more serious about learning. He wants to be a "5 year old that can read". He's actually been pretty helpful around the house this past week or so which is a nice change for him.

Madison is WELL on her way to being diaper free. (HOORAY!) We didn't have any accidents yesterday. I can't tell you how happy this makes me!

Reagan is great. Sleeps great (when I'm holding her), is pleasant (when I'm holding her), smiles a lot at others (as long as I'm holding her.... notice a theme???) She's tolerating her Dad a lot better recently and I can almost make it through an entire shower without hearing her fussing. She even sat and helped Brian on the computer the other day. She's realizing that he's "okay people" and he PLAYS with her. Hopefully it will just get better and better... maybe sometime soon I'll be able to go to the grocery store KID FREE!!! ;) The picture of them turned out fuzzy, darn it all!


QueenMeadow said...

Your cabinets look awesome!!

Sounds like the kids are doing great! And Reagan is adorable as always :)

Heidi said...

Yes, and just back from the dentist... NO CAVATIES!!! Hooray! :) Jordan DOES have another loose tooth though. Poor little toothless kid. It's one he's not suposed to loose until he's like 11.

frugalmom said...

Looking great Heidi! And those pics of Brian and Reagan are so cute.