Tuesday, January 23, 2007

All Things Genetic

Lets talk genes.

When taking into account all things genetic, generally speaking we think of things like: eye color. Or, hair color. Or, maybe certain facial features that, no matter how horrid, seem to be past down through the blood line. (Here I'm talking about a certain *nose* issue that some family members have. It is affectionately known as: "the Banham Beak". Or, we could talk about Grandma Frankie's bust line that others of us inherit... or not. Let's not talk about that one...)

Madison possess one of her Daddy's traits however that would not really be thought of as a "normal hereditary trait". It's something like this. When Brian was a little boy, I've been told he enjoyed "chewing shapes out of bologna" and then placing the bitten pieces on the walls. Well, Madison's genes were almost overlooked since I don't buy bologna. But, the instinct was too strong so she made due with what was available, and used smoked turkey lunch meat on my cabinets. I was a little sad when I couldn't find the camera in time, and smoked turkey doesn't have the long lasting sticky effect that bologna does - but no sooner had I called Brian's mom to tell her about the passed on trait, Madison had promptly placed two new pieces of chewed up turkey meat on my cabinet doors. I snapped a photo straight away. Here they are for your viewing pleasure. *winks*

On a different note, I've decided that if giving up eating warm homemade wheat bread all day long is the only way to make me skinny, I'd rather be fat. DANG this stuff is good. I can't seem to keep my paws out of it. It's not that fancy of a recipe or anything - pretty basic actually... but it's a hit here at home. (Made from white wheat, not red as I found Brian will even eat the white wheat where the red is not his style. Progress!!!)

And one last thing. I took Reagan in to a follow up appointment today for her RSV. I suspected that she was developing an ear infection last night because she was rather grumpy and wasn't eating near as well as she has been all week. It was confirmed, but lucky for us it isn't bad. She's been put on an antibiotic, and I've been told that she should be feeling a lot better tomorrow morning. As for the RSV: It's GONE! Can you believe it? She isn't wheezing anymore, and while she still coughs and snots like crazy, it's considered a "bad cold" and all things RSV have gone away. She also GAINED weight since last Wednesday, and is now a chunky (for her at least) 11 lbs 1 oz. Hooray! Maybe some "not so sleepless nights" are in our future!


QueenMeadow said...

What great news!! I'm so glad the worst should be over (once the antibiotics kick in).

And rude! I totally want some homemade bread now, I guess you know what I'm going to be doing tomorrow, lol.

frugalmom said...

HOw do you make the top of your bread that pretty?

And YAY for weight gain. Good job mama!

Heidi said...

I "twist" the bread before I put it in the pan to rise. Just two "rolls" of dough, wrapped around each other 3 times and tuck in at the bottom. :) Rises nice and pretty!