Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Up to something.

I've been trying to be up to something. Here's a run down of what's been going on while I've neglected my blog.

I've been hanging out here. It's an online place that I can keep track of all the crap I put in my mouth. I'm FAT people. I saw myself in the mirror and then confirmed that fact by reading my scale. I thought the scale was lying, but the zipper on my pants proves it's not, so I'm being a "good girl" and keeping track of what I eat. It's not weight watchers (even though I had success with that after Jordan)... so NO MEETINGS. Much nicer.

The other thing going on is some major orginization of my house. Nothing and I mean NOTHING is in it's "home" here at home. I'm taking one room at a time this week. Monday I was able to get the living room done. We're talking coat closet cleaned out, fireplace washed down, and my china put back in the china cabinet after being put away for 2 years. Yes, the china hutch sat empty for 2 years!!! How sad is that? I took a picture of the other side of the room, but the light from the window was too bright. There's a big empty spot for a PIANO! One of our neighbors happens to have an extra one just kickin' around their basement and they said we could have it. It's not the most beautiful thing ever, but it'll be good for the kids to learn on. I'm excited about it. So is Taylor. And good grief, I've got to get him into paino while he's actually EXCITED about it.

Tuesday I was shooting to clean my tv room, but I started with the playroom and it took all day long to sort, organize and make somewhat functional. As you can see, the "up top" part needs a little bit of help. I just don't really know how to keep all the "Little People" stuff looking nice up on that shelf... and then, we have a bunch of cars/tractors up there too... Maybe I'll move the remote control cars somewhere OUTSIDE since I'd rather them used out there anyway. But everything in here is clean and in it's "home", so I'm happy about Tuesday's project.

I'm still working on "Wednesday". My desk is almost clean and I've filed a bunch of paperwork that's been kickin' around here for awhile... but that's not really a "room", so I don't feel that accomplished.

Also, Madison has been POTTY LEARNING! Oh, I can't tell you how happy I'd be to get that kid out of diapers. She's doing it all on her own because her personality isn't the type to take orders from me on something like this. In fact, when I first asked her if she wanted to start going on the potty, she said "Yes, but DAD will take me". That sort of doesn't work when he's gone all day. She's done really well the last couple of days.

Finally, I've been dealing with Reagan. Good grief she's a high needs baby. My arms ache because she doesn't let me put her down. She sleeps on my bed just fine.... if I lay next to her. I'm getting pretty good at cleaning one handed. It's a good thing she's cute. And is it just me, or can anyone else see a bit of RED in her whispy little hairs?
Here's to a clean house so I can "update" more.


Veritaserum said...

Good job, Heidi! I need a kick to get myself doing the same things. It would be really great to finish unpacking.

Your Reagan sure is cute! :)