Friday, January 26, 2007

Just a load of "scrap"

One of my "goals" for January (and believe me, there are MANY and we'll be lucky if any ONE of them get completed...) is to get my laundry/sewing room organized. This is no easy task, because I have a small fabric addiction.

Lucky for me, our budget doesn't allow for a full on fabric addiction, otherwise we'd be using piles of calico as our couch. (yummy!!!)

The PROBLEM with this addiction is: I don't USE any of my "special" fabric. Most of it's been kickin' around the house since before I had kids. Then, the stuff I *do* use leaves me with another dilemma. Fabric scraps. You know... those pieces of fabric that are too small to really do any sort of "big" project with, but big enough that you just can't get rid of it.

I went through my "fabric scrap" box today and tried to fold/arrange it. The stuff in baggies are "little" scraps, while the stuff in the big purple tote are possibly big enough to make doll dresses or something else cleaver that I haven't thought of yet.

I filled up a dresser with my fabric. Then I put the boys old "little" dresser on top of it because I needed more drawer space, but I don't have space in my room. I'm FAR from done, and methinks I have another fabric scrap box somewhere...

What do YOU do with fabric scraps?!?!?

Reagan has been awful fussy today. It's a wonder I got anything done. The older kids have pretty much sat in front of the TV. Sad but true. I just didn't need them "under foot" while trying to accomplish something.

We did manage to try a bit of "tummy time" with Reagan though. (She hates it.) It didn't last long, but long enough to snap a picture of her.

Happy weekend!


Amanda: The Lucky Wife & Mom said...

I don't know if you're into this, but scraps are perfect for making quilt tops!
I love making quilts. I however don't have a fancy-schmancy sewing room chock-full of fabric like you do, you lucky girl you, so I'm saving my pennies to make a cool star quilt I saw at the Fabric Mill for my wall.

Heidi said...

I've never actually MADE a quilt top, but that was totally my intention for keeping all the scraps. That's why I have them "sorted" into colors too...

I don't have the money for my fabric habit either. ALOT of my fabric is from an estate sale YEARS ago. The family sold me the fabric for $1 a piece! Some of those "pieces" were like 5 yards!!! Man, was I lucky! ;)

Amanda: The Lucky Wife & Mom said...

I think I could very easily be addicted to fabric if I had the money to spend on it.
I'm really liking the reproduction prints that are becoming more popular lately. I'm hoping someday soon I'll have an excuse to turn our computer room into a nursery... hopefully a pink nursery... because I want to make it into a kind of vintage... retro... whatever you call it Nursery Rhyme/ Mother Goose themed room for a girl using those kinds of old patterned fabrics. I also ran across this site that has sells old patterns. They have a cute pattern for a Mother Goose quilt.

Now if I could just get pregnant... and make sure it was a girl!

frugalmom said...

Fabric scraps in my house get put into boxes. I have finally started throwing them away when I know they are not big enough to do anything with, but most just get boxed up. I have lots of clear plastic boxes on, under, and around my sewing table, which is in my bedroom.

I have curbed my fabric addiction from what it used to be. Once at Enrichment night a lady from Homecraft came and I took a *bolt* of fabric to donate to make humanitarian quilts. I try not to buy in that quantity anymore. But I did just buy a almost a yard (it was a remnant) of the softest baby pink poly velour the other day for 75% off...what to do with it...what to do with it...

Wow, Reagan's eyes are so big and blue!

QueenMeadow said...

What do I use my fabric scraps for? as a filler for my room. Yeah, I put them in boxes and the one little extra dresser we have, oh and bags too.

Yeah, filler :)

Heidi said...

LOL Meadow!


frugalmom said...

Just like a refrigerator and freezer are more efficient when they are full, dressers, boxes, bags and houses are also more efficient.