Monday, February 05, 2007

When dresses are too short, make BLOOMERS!

Madison is kinda-sorta growing like a weed. So, when I decided to try and get a few things ready for church yesterday morning, I found that all her little dresses were.... well.... LITTLE!

I need to sit down and make her some more dresses, but I didn't have a lot of time in the morning, so I decided to just make some "bloomers" to go under a dress she has that's just too short.

SO many people commented on her bloomers yesterday. I thought they turned out really cute, and I'll probably make some other dresses that she can wear the bloomers with, because she LOVED her "silly pants"!!! :)

It also made for the perfect opportunity to dress Reagan in a similar dress, so we had to take photos. ;)

I'm looking back on a few of my blog posts and noticing there isn't all that much about my boys. I'll work on that a little better... it's just easier to write about the girls since they're home with me all day and the boys are off at school. Maybe I'll take a picture of Taylor with his nose in a book tonight... And one of Jordan tormenting his sister...

Anyway... Hooray for the quick bloomer fix, eh? :)


frugalmom said...

WAY cute!

Amanda: The Lucky Wife & Mom said...

Your girls are adorable! I'm a little jealous. I want to have a little girl someday that I can make cute things for. How cute!

Lainie Ottley said...

I absolutely love your blog, it's so much fun to read. Good job!

Lainie Ottley

aka Lainie Buffington