Thursday, January 11, 2007

We're lacking in art appreciation.

At least according to Madison. Apparently, our walls are sort of... well... *blah*. So she took matters into her own hands, and painted a lovely mural to the side of our couch, right at eye level. (And she's good people... she used a PAINT pen, not just a normal "marker".)

Click to enlarge if you dare.

When asked "why" (after an extended time out stay), her reply: "I did it just to make me happy".


And just a little side note to her for *next time* (because we ALL know there's going to be a next time...) - use a little more color. Brown on brown, while making a statement, just isn't "colorful" enough. (grrrrrrr)

Other than that, it's quite cold outside today. It's snowing. Here's what it looks like right outside my front door.

The kids are convinced that Brian is going to come home and re-build the igloo they started last snow storm. (Jordan calls it a "snow globe" LOL)

And finally today, Madison wanted me to take a picture of her with her sister. So - here are some quick Reagan/Madison photos. (See? Madison is really happy in these... proof that I kept my cool and didn't beat the tar out of her for the *art* on my walls....) *winks*


QueenMeadow said...

Your girls are adorable!

And I'm not sure which is worse "I didn't do it" or "I did it because I wanted to make me happy" ha.

Veritaserum said...

Oh, dear. Hope you can get it off or cover it up! :S

I guess it is good that she owned it. Audrey tried to blame the wall art bearing her name on Addie when Addie was too little to write anything. :P