Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Distant cousins NOT welcome.

Oh... I'll clarify. Distant cousins of "Mickey" not welcome. That is: If you're a mouse and your name is not Mickey (or, okay... Minnie too...) the rules CLEARLY state that you are not welcome in my home.

I found a "distant cousin" in my house a few days ago. (Really? You didn't hear me screaming??? WOW.) I've just gotten over it now to actually write about it. (shudder) The visiting vermin seem to like peanut butter. Okay... I'm going back to NOT talking about this. eeks!!!

So I decided for dinner tonight I'd whip out the old pasta maker. No really... it's getting old. I haven't used it in several years actually. There's a nice crack down the middle of the machine, but it seemed to pump out some wheat pasta just beautifully! I made a shrimp tomato sauce to go on top of it. The kids chowed down on it like it was going out of style... either it was really good and they loved it, or they were shoveling it in because they were running late for Martial Arts...

Oh, and the other day I decided to take my straight iron to Madison's curly hair. It resulted in this:

There's more from today, but I'm tired and I don't want to remember the toilet paper finish line mess in my living room.

More adventures tomorrow! *winks*


frugalmom said...

I get the chills just thinking about mice. Eww. We had one in the pantry once.

Amanda: The Lucky Wife & Mom said...

I was just reading your post from Tuesday about homemade wheat bread. I too have a strong fondness for the stuff. I want to know how you get the cool-looking design on top. Please share!

If you're into fresh wheat flour recipes, I've got a super yummy one for sugar cookies (of all things!) I made them for valentines last year and was completely converted!

Hey, thanks for visiting my blog too!