Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Swimming in Laundry

The pool is finally up in the yard - the kids (and myself) are enjoying it since it's pretty hot around here these days...

I decided to snap a couple of photos while the 3 older kids were in the pool. (Reagan can't handle all the splashing for very long, so we only get a few minutes in the pool.)

The photos reveal something about the way we're currently living. You see, my dryer is broken. And try as he might, Brian hasn't had enough time to devote to fixing it. (He spent last night "fixing" it to find out that the part he replaced wasn't the "problem".)

So, my "dryer" is the back deck currently.

I've had offers to do laundry at my parents house, but honestly? Dragging ALL of my laundry over there just doesn't sound thrilling. Especially when I have PLENTY to be doing around here.

The towels are all nice and "crisp"... Our jeans are "crunchy" and hard to put on... but everything smells so "fresh" that I'm looking in to having a clothesline installed along the house and just hanging the clothes (or at least towels, sheets and blankets) out all summer.

Gotta love Swimming in Laundry! :)


Mel said...

Hehe! Nice laundry. It makes the swimming experience that must better.

Eric & Cindy said...

Hey if it ever happens again, just iron the laundry after it's dry and it will take out that "crispiness". Although that adds alot more work to your plate...;)