Monday, June 30, 2008

Raccoon Number One

Last year WITHOUT our chickens we trapped 6 raccoons and 1 skunk. Guess we'll see if we *attract* more raccoons this year WITH our chickens. (Gosh I hope not...)

These things LOOK so cute, but dang! Look at those CLAWS!

There are so many pros/cons to living on the back side of water. LOVE the fact that I can irrigate my lawn, and never turn on my sprinklers... but not so thrilled at what the water "attracts".

Thank heaven it's not a "rat" year. I'll live with the mean raccoons over those, thankyouverymuch.


The Roe Family said...

um scary...and i thought blackwidows were bad. we have a system though when my husband sees a blackwidow he grabs my hairspray and a lighter. it is fun to watch.

Jori said...

I had a HUGE black rat run across my fence last year. I just about fell over dead. This is in a subdivision in Vegas. What gives right?

Andrea Rasmussen said...

Ya they're obnoxious. What do you do with them once caught?