Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fathers Day

I was asked over a month ago to speak in my parents church on Fathers Day. The long story short, I ended up with the flu on Saturday night - I was WAY too sick to give the talk. My sister had to step up and read it for me. Bummer! Anyway... Hope my Dad knows how much I WANTED to be there to pay "tribute"... and I heard that Kellie did a fantastic job for me! :)

Brian wanted to spend some time with his family up at the cabin on Sunday. Reagan and I stayed back in the valley. The pictures pretty much speak as to what they did the entire time - looks like everyone was having a fantastic time!

Grandpa Art, Taylor and Jordan "plink" some cans

Taylor takes his shooting seriously. He wants to get better than his Mom...

Loved this shot! (The camera shot... not sure how the actual "shot" went...)

I'm guessing he hit the target

Man, I just love that cheesy grin...

My Father in Law seriously might kill me for posting this photo... but it's good for a laugh... even if it's my last...

I think we need to work on Jordan's "form"...

He'll get it sooner or later!

Stacie wants a turn!

Photo Op...

3-2-1 SHOOT!

In all fairness, that's a BIG gun for such a little guy!

Brother in law Kelly and his son, Jackson

Jackson (Isn't that picture so darling? Look at the EXCITEMENT! I love it!)

"My Turn, Dad"

Jackson and Kelly

Jordan and Auntie Stacie

The view of "the valley" on the way home from the cabin... The boys couldn't stop talking about it.


Anonymous said...

Notice that pic of Tay and me shooting at the same time... it looks like we are shooting right into your van!! I love that "photo op" one!! So cute. And Jordan is adorable with that huge gun!! It was a blast!!