Saturday, June 07, 2008

Schools Out for Summer, Day ONE

I must be sick in the head or something, but I really enjoy having my kids out of school for the summer!!! Maybe all that will change once they're in jr. high...

When Brian got off of work, we decided to make a quick "field trip" to Wheeler Farm. Madison has been DYING to go since her preschool canceled the trip due to rain, so we thought we'd surprise her with our own field trip there.

(Also, we had to have some excuse to try out the "new to us camera"... Brian did some extra work for his former boss in trade for the Cannon Digital Rebel... I'm excited to use it more!!!)

Just as we get there, we take the opportunity to snap a photo. Reagan could see a bunch of animals in the distance, so she just couldn't stop pointing. :)

"COWWWWW" Reagan says the entire time we're by them. Then it's "BABY COWWWWW" when we see the calf. You ask: "Reagan? What does a cow say???" and her reply is: "COWWWWWW".

Jordan on the Tractor. He's such a CHEESE.

I loved this shot of Jordan and Madison. Brian took it (of course... he takes all the "good" photos...) They were having such a good time together.

Madison's Tractor shot.

Serious Taylor. (He was concentrating hard on the road ahead of him... Nobody tell him it wasn't moving...)

Madison on the OTHER Tractor. One tractor just isn't enough.

The kids thought the goats were stinky.

This is Reagan's sign for "Pig". Great shot, again thanks to hubby.

Reagan didn't have a tractor picture, so she gets one alone in the "clubhouse" instead.

Snapped a picture of Brian and our kids together. He's such a great Dad.

Some song about Monkeys in a tree comes to mind... Love the photo of just "my boys".

Time for a photo of just the girls. If I would have known I was going to be in photos, I would have maybe showered and done my hair. OH WELL. We're making memories here and I guess the kids "normally" don't see me with my hair done nice!!! ;)

Madison took a nice spill out of the tree. It was only fair to take some extra shots of her because we felt so bad.

Hey, come to think of it... if I would have known we'd take so many photos, maybe I would have done EVERYONES HAIR! Madison looks like a rag-a-muffin!

So here's a great story. Since we were all together and having fun with the camera, we decided to "try" and get a family picture. Brian was setting the timer and ready to run up to the tree when a cute couple came walking down the road. Brian isn't shy about asking people for things like I am, so he yells over "Hey! Do you mind taking a picture of our family??"

The guy starts to chuckle and the girl walks over happy to help out.

Brian picks up the camera and before handing it to her says something like "I don't want you to be intimidated by the camera - I'll set it so you just have to point and shoot." She laughs and says: "I'm a wedding photographer".

She put us all in position in the tree and snapped the following photos for us. (At this point I'm REALLY wishing my hair was done, AND that we were wearing something other than "everyday" busy clothes!!!)

I think she did a FANTASTIC job, and if I could ever find out where she works, I would totally send her some hair bows or *something* for her 17 month old, Olivia! (Anyone know a Michelle Taylor in the Salt Lake area???) A HUGE thank you to her for taking time out of her "date night" to take some photos of a grubby looking family!!!


Becky, yep said...

Um...FREEBIE! A professional photographer took your family photo, on location, for FrEE! That rocks!
We really need to get one done soon too! This fall I'm thinking!

Tiburon said...

That's it! I am sending my kids to your house. You are way more fun than me. My kids are all cleaning right now. Tee hee hee

Lena said...

Wow! That is so funny about the photographer. That is a GREAT tree by the way.

Mel said...

You have a Darling family!!!

Heidi said...

WOW!! That is the best tree for a picture I've ever seen! What a great picture of your family! Looks like you had a good time.