Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Missing the Boat

Jordan was very excited to receive an invitation to a "water party" in the mail last week. I was a good girl, even RSVP'd.

He waited all day yesterday to go.

Oh... I didn't forget to take him, he went... It's just that after Brian returned home from picking him up he said: "Did you know that was a BIRTHDAY PARTY???"

I'm just wondering... would anyone else out there think this was an invite to a BIRTHDAY?

I feel so bad that I sent my kid there without a gift. DUH! I didn't even THINK of it being a "birthday"... Taylor had an "out of school water party" just a week ago - I figured it was the same type of deal.

And while the mom told Brian that it was just fine, not to worry,Ethan got plenty of gifts... what do I do? Send over a "late" birthday gift? Let it go?

Maybe if the invite would have had balloons or a cake on the front of it, I would have gotten the clue. Obviously, everyone else at the party caught on that it was for a BIRTHDAY since the kid actually got presents... But I totally missed the boat on this one!

Yikes! I feel so bad!


QueenMeadow said...

I wouldn't have realized it was a birthday party either.

How does Jordan feel about not taking a gift? If he feels bad then I would probably send a late one, if he doesn't care then I would let it go.

Any memorable games from the party? M's birthday is in August and I need ideas :).

christineka said...

It doesn't look like a birthday party invite to me. We're planning to do a water party for a birthday soon. I'll be sure to state somewhere that it is for a birthday even though I'd rather go giftless.

I would call the mom and ask if she would be okay with you bringing over a gift. We have too much stuff as it is and birthday party guests usually bring junk that is thrown (or given) out after a month or two. The last time we did a birthday party one kid's gift was in the other car. It didn't come for a couple weeks and my daughter was still happy for the gift.

Stacie said...

I wouldn't have thought it was a bday party... a little more info would have been nice like a "guess who is turning 6!!"

Lena said...

Nope, I wouldn't have thought it was a birthday at all. I'd probably let Jordan take a late present over though.

frugalmom said...

no, I wouldn't have known either. My dd got invited to a party a couple of weeks ago with the same sort of vague wording--it was a "princess friends party" or something. Even when I asked my dd she didn't think it was a birthday party. I asked the mom when I rsvp'd. And it was a birthday party. People really need to word their invitations better! If your ds feels really bad about not having a gift, I think it would be fine to take one over.

A few year back my oldest was invited to a party (the birthday kind) and the invitation specifically said "no gifts please" so I didn't send one with him. Well, every other mother sent a gift and my poor kid was the only one without a gift to give. I talked to the mother and now I can't even remember what I did. I think I might have sent a present the next week.

Jenni said...

Well, generally birthday parties invitations say "BIRTHDAY" on As far as a gift is concerned, I think a late gift would be fine. :)

Heather said...

no doesn't look like a bday invite to me. i would invite the boy out for an ice cream cone and call it a birthday treat. maybe next time they'll add a balloon or something.

Jori said...

It for sure doesn't look like a birthday invite. I wonder if they were trying to down play the birthday so their kid didn't get tons of stuff. If that wasn't their intention you're right add a balloon, and say "I'm crazy birthday boy, so give me some CANDY!"(Adam Sandler SNL) You probably already knew that but just so you don't think I'm wacko.;)

Mel said...

It doesn't look like a birthday party invite to me. I think I would've been missin' the boat as well.