Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Summer Fun! Anybody need a new Chiropractor?

Our first week of Summer Vacation!

Kicked off by having a great time at Heather's house for a "School's Out Party"!!! So fun Heather! Thanks so much! :)

Madison was having a great time at the party. (Sorry... no photos... didn't even THINK to take the camera with me, duh...) Not too long before we were going to leave, I saw Madi laying down on the grass. "Typical" I thought... "One of her brothers must have taken something away".

I went over to talk to her about her grumpy attitude.

She told me that while on the trampoline, someone had knocked her over. "Sorry! " I say... "It's all part of playing!"

Her neck was hurting on the way home . We decided to give it some time to feel better - by laying on the couch, watching a movie and eating ice cream. (I mean, wouldn't that make just about anything feel better?)

Turns out that it didn't help much.

After she complained about her neck for a long while, I decided to call someone about it. Our Dr is out of town. (Great... shouldn't he call me before he's allowed to leave??? *winks*) I can now see that she can't straighten her head, she's totally leaning to one side, and STILL complaining that it hurts.

Long story short... (too late, I know...) We're off to the Chiropractor (who was absolutely FANTASTIC and I love her love her love her - it was our first visit and she was AMAZING).

Tests and scans later show that she really DID bugger up her little neck on the trampoline. We'll have a few more visits to get her on the road to recovery... but thankfully nothing was broken or terribly severe.

We're ice packing and putting Biofreeze pain relieving gel on it between visits. Madison fell asleep so quick last night after I put it on - she doesn't like the ice pack much, but the biofreeze makes it "tingle" and feel so much better.

Photos of her are from last night. She went to bed with her ice pack, still dressed in her clothes. Poor little "pain in the neck"!!!
See her neck all over to the side? That's how she's been walking around... it hurts to bad to straighten out. Her muscles are so tight... we'll probably see the chiro today and tomorrow at least.

Thank goodness for the comfort of a teddy bear!


Becky, yep said...


Tiburon said...

Awww what a sweetie! I hope it feels better soon!

Thanks for all the great comments/advice on my blog. I am starting to fall in blove with you.

Marly said...

That sucks. Poor girl! Who did you go to for her?

Heidi said...

Marly, I took her to Kristina Stitcher. :)

Debbie said...

Tramplines freak me out even though we had one growing up. I hope she feels better soon. Not a fun way to start summer!

Mel said...

Poor little kiddo! I hope she gets better soon!