Sunday, December 30, 2007

Conversations with the 3 year old

Jordan and Madison can be terribly good friends, or worst enemies. The other day it was the later of the two.

Jordan came in crying to the kitchen: "Madison says she doesn't love me!"

Madison: "I don't love you. I only love 4 people. Mom, Dad, Taylor and Reagan. That's it."

Mom: "Madison, that's not very nice."

Jordan: "She doesn't love me! sniff sniff, sob"

Madison: "Well, I just don't love him because I only love 4 people."

Dad: "Madison. That's not nice! And Jesus said to love everyone."

Madison: "Well, *I* never heard him say that."

So, while we work on our "loving each other" skills this week, I thought I'd post proof that Madison and Jordan really DO get along... and despite what Madison says... she loves him. ;)

Christmas afternoon:


Life ticks on said...

Heidi, I left you a meme to do on my blog....up to you if you do it hehe.